The Real Homosexual Agenda

It is one of the pet peeves of mine, this constant reference by the Religious Right about the alleged ‘Homosexual Agenda’.

See, I have been gay for decades now, known it and accepted it for as many years. When I tell you, believe me, I know my deal around gay boy blog. I have yet to find out just what this secret agenda, plan, is. Seriously, I wonder if I am somehow not accepted into the Gay Society. Because no one I know that is Gay has ever told me about such a plan.

Does one exist?

It really is just a ploy by these anti-gay groups, to try and make some conspiracy exist, that doesn’t. They try to scare the average person into believing that somehow there is such a plan. To coerce the kiddies, or worse, subvert people’s right of religion. To begin with, they attempt to make people believe that being Gay is a choice.

Like who would choose to be a target of bullies, of racism?

Now the other thing they claim is part of this secret plan. Is that our goal is to convert all straight guys and gals into being queer. Into wanting to do it with members of the same sex.

Like that is really gonna happen?

Think you can be convinced to suck on a cock, or take one up the ass?

Yet this is what they believe. Granted, there are some who are curious, some who will like both types of sex. But it isn’t by some conscious effort on our part to seduce them. We might be attracted to some guy, find him to be straight, but still be interested in him. That is just attraction, and while some will pursue that person. Even attempt to have sex with them. I doubt that it is some concerted effort by all Gays.

Fact is, our ‘agenda’ so to speak. It is that we are tired of living in a closet, in being considered 3rd class citizens. Not even 2nd class, thanks to the Religious Right. Our ‘agenda’ is to not convert straight folks into the gay lifestyle, but to simply accept us for our differences. We are simply tired of the bullshit, of being denied what every other minority has in a supposed Democracy.

Does skin color or religion influence homosexual agenda?

We come from all walks of life. There are Chinese Gays, Russian, Mexican, African, Asian, European, or whatever you have. Some of us are Lutherans, Protestants, Jewish, and yes even Muslim. There are even Hindu and Buddhists among our little community.

Our common link, is that we like sex between the same gender. Does that automatically disqualify us from equality, from the same rights & benefits that everyone else is entitled to?

In Iran you can be put to death for being a homosexual. In the USA you are condemned to a slow death. Living as a human target for bigots and racists. What is the difference?

That is perhaps what the real homosexual agenda is about

To end the hypocrisy and ostracism of being who we are. It doesn’t matter, nor should it, whether you believe we choose this lifestyle or it is a fact of nature. We are still human beings, and aren’t all human’s entitled to be treated as equals?

Should the US Government grant special favors to its gay community? No, nor should it grant those privileges to any minority, nor are Gays asking for that. We are simply asking to be treated like any other minority. To be safe in our workplace, to live where we choose, work at the jobs we want. Like any other minority does.

No government should be in the business of giving me or my kind special rights

That is what ‘civil unions’, ‘civil partnerships’ are. Special Privileges when all we seek is to have the same rights, same protection as any other minority. That means that if it has to be spelled out, fine. But not given some different term, simply to make things appear the same, when they aren’t.

Marriage is a civil contract as part of homosexual agenda. Which gives the two parties certain benefits. Some may also seek a spiritual contract to go with that civil one, but it isn’t a requirement. No Priest or Pastor or Rabbi can marry two people, and have that marriage be recognized by the state. If that Officiating Person is not licensed by the state. It is that simple, while on the other hand. Many religions will accept the union of two people. When sanctioned by the government. Even if no church official officiates.

When a group is a target, hurt and attacked for no other reason

Then that group is entitled to protection. If someone attacks me for my money, there is protection under the law. After they attack me because of something I said, or did to them, there is protection under the law. However, if they attack me, simply because of my minority status that is Hate. For many in the world, there is NO protection for that.

This is what we are seeking, and does that make it a secret homosexual agenda?

I don’t think so, nor more than any civil rights movement is a secret. When Martin Luther King led the African American movement, it was no secret. It was no hidden agenda to supplant the existing Government with members of his race. It was simply a desire to be treated as any other human being should be treated, Equally.

If I want to tell you I am Jewish, I should be allowed to. I am actually able to. If you hit me, attack me violently, or try to deny me housing on that basis. Employment too – you get into trouble. If I stated that I am a Jewish Homosexual. You do any of those things, you get a free ride.