Gay Furry Comic Erotica

What a wonderful time we live in as gay furry. It is an amazing time to be alive. People of all colors, sexual orientation, and abilities can find each other with amazing ease. In fact, it is the gay community which holds the strongest and most supportive gay community I have ever seen in my life. This is where my gay furry comics come into play. I am going to tell you why these comics are so important and why fur lovers should add them to their comic collection.

First of all, gay furry comics are awesome

There are so many genres and so many great stories that exist. Some of the most amazing and touching stories about gay relationships I have read are from comic books. There are stories of love, romance, coming out, coming together, heartbreak, and much more. Many of us wish there was more gay furry comics out there to help us better understand the gay experience. So, if you are looking for some fantastic gay furry comics I highly recommend adding them to your collection.

Another reason why I think gay erotic comics are a must have for fur babies is because they help a gay furry person understand themselves better. For example, you will notice a lot of furries who aren’t happy or satisfied with who they are sexually or in their private lives. They want to know what they can do to improve themselves and to better serve the furry community, which is why they read comics. So, if you are a gay furry person looking for something to better yourself then these furry stories can be great reading materials.

Finally, gay furry stories are very politically correct

Yes, there are some very conservative furries out there that want to exclude gay furry people from the furry community because of their sexual orientation. However, this is just a minority and a big part of the furry community at large accepts all members. Furries are, by nature, open minded and accepting of all lifestyles and orientations.

As a furry reader myself, I can say that while it has been tough for me to come to terms with my sexuality

I have come to accept that I am a gay furry person. I don’t see myself as gay, but rather, gay in the truest sense of the word. That is to say, I don’t identify with being gay, just gay in my desire to explore sex and explore the sexual feelings that come with it. As a reader, I have to admit that this part of me has been difficult for me to understand.

As a reader, I want to read stories that help me understand gay men, women, bisexuals, trannies, and others in the same way that other writers help me understand women, blacks, Asian, Native Americans, Jews, Christians, and other groups. So, furry erotica can be an amazing source of literature that helps me understand sexuality and explore all that I need to understand about it. The good thing about this is that there is so much out there and so many artists that I can choose from. My love of furry art started when I was still a teenager reading comics and watching anime. Reading furry comic art has been a fantastic and life-changing experience for me and I hope it continues to be for others like me.