Another Erotic Short Story

Well, over at Gay 247 I have just added another erotic short story you can enjoy online. I often write gay stories as well as gay body blog. You can read more at our gay sex blog here too. This one is called ‘The After Party” and is I think rather good, but you can judge for yourself.

Jake could feel himself getting a boner on the drive which started the whole night’s nightmare. Charlene assumed it was because of her, silly girl. Still it wouldn’t hurt his own reputation if others knew that, so he let it be, enjoying his day dreaming about Todd. Fanciful perhaps, but it kept the dick hard while Charlene cuddled next to him. Bit annoying that, as her perfume was rather strong, making it hard for him to enjoy Todd’s own aroma. (excerpt from erotic story ‘After Party’)

This was mine erotic short story number #1 published here at blog

As I get more time, I shall be adding more stories to Gay 247 and to Cruising Men as well. As for adding stories here, I am considering adding more in depth stories but not the novel length type. I think we all need a break from the long ones, like The Secret or Day of Wrath.